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Many of you are probably struggling to get a good search ranking for your website. If you have a search on the internet you can find a lot of techniques and tools that claim to have a lot of impact on search ranking.

Some of the most important factors are:

  • domain name
  • URL address
  • title text
  • headline text
  • content of the website (keyword density, etc.)

Some users might argue that meta description and tags are also important. They won’t make any significant difference for your search ranking. It is better to focus on link building. Link building is one of the most important factors that you should consider when building a websites search ranking.

How to get your website on the top of the Google search engine result page?
The simple answer is you need some good link juice. Yes, that’s right, link juice. But how can I get good link juice?
Good link juice should consist of various links (high and low quality links). The links should have different variations of the anchor text. We could pretty much call the methods of producing good link juice for search engines optimization art.

The most important factors that you have to consider when creating link juice are:

  • distribution of links with different quality
  • time delay – the interval in which links are built
  • variations of anchor text

Time delay

Time delay is one of the most important factors to consider when building a good link juice. The main thing to have on your mind is that you should build links linear in time. Not all at once. Links should get indexed in approximate similar time gaps. I would recommend you to avoid any mass link building tools and service that build thousands of links in a short time span.

Distribution of links with different quality

Links that are pointing on your website should be of different qualities. Natural looking link juice should have more low quality links and less high quality links. By low quality links we mean: directory submission links, forum signatures, profile links and other PR0 qualified links. High quality links are links with PR above 0.

Variations of anchor text

Variations of anchor text are very important if you want to make your link juice appear natural. It is recommended that you do a lot of spins of the anchor text. You shouldn’t use the same anchor for all or most of your links. You can add some words to your main keyword (anchor text). Some of these words are: “here”, “link”, “this”, etc. To achieve optimal boost from your link juice you should also use non-relevant anchor texts for low quality links. To make it appear more natural.

The ideal link juice strategy

By now you should pretty much get the idea on how the ideal link juice should look like. I will reveal my own secret strategy that is proven to work. This way you can make some good link juice for yourself.

Building high-quality links

There are a couple of methods for building high-quality links to your website. They should have the main keywords in the anchor text. The main keyword is the one you want to concentrate your search engine optimization strategy around. There are some services available on the internet that provide high quality links for your website.

Broker backlinks

You can rent high PR backlinks from broker seller services. The process is pretty straight forward. You signup, select the niche and PageRank of the site and decide which anchor text you want to put on the desired website. The prices go from $1 to $3 for PR1 backlink per month and more. High PR are not really cheap but are a great way to test how your website performs with high-quality links. For renting broker links I recommend backlinks service. You can sign up here.

Blog article backlinks

One of the best methods for building high PR links to your website is getting backlinks from blog posts. There are many services that offer building high quality backlinks by using their blog network. The process takes a little bit more work. It usually requires you to write your own unique article of 150 words in which you include your desired link. Writing unique article for each link is a little bit time consuming and expensive (if you outsource copy-writing) but it is worth it.

Building low-quality links

Link posting services

Link posting services are using special software such as Xrumer, SEONukeX, Scrapebox, ec. They scrape list of forums or blogs from search engines and post randomly generated content on them. Generated link usually don’t have much value but are a necessary part of link juice. You can also buy the mentioned software and make links by yourself. Services require less time to set everything up while using software requires learning. For this purpose I recommend you use the following services: DripFeedBlast, LinkJuicer or SEOnuking.

You can also build low-quality links by hand or order a freelancer to do that for you.

When you get everything set up you should take your time to experiment with different approaches. Observe the results and test different services and you will soon get idea what works best for you.

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