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About the blog

This blog is to offer you best reviews and offers of internet marketing products.

About me

I have a formal education from Computer Information and Science. I have spent most of the time on the college (because my parents wanted so), where I didn’t learn anything useful except that I should only rely on myself when it comes to any field of profession.
After I finished college I started working in an advertising agency. Back then I already had experience with search engine optimization and marketing but I didn’t make any money until I decided to quit my job.

I’ve been working in many different businesses during my career.

I was constantly unsatisfied with my work under stress making an average living just like everyone else with a regular job. A few years ago I had enough of illusionary security and I decided to quit my job. I knew there must be some other way to easier make money without having to deal with people I didn’t want to have contact with in my life.
That time I already had experience with internet marketing and advertising industry.

I started doing my own affiliate projects and after a while I was able to make decent living out of it. Currently my monthly revenue is 10 times as bigger as it was by spending approximately 3 hours at work per day.

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